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When you are tired of seeing massive electrical bills for your business or organization, it may be time to switch to energy-efficient products. Industrial Ecology LLC is a lighting distributor and supplier that can help you source high-quality, durable electrical supplies. Our team will perform an energy audit and find and install the best products to make an immediate reduction in your bills. We have connections with manufacturers that provide cables, lighting and fixtures, and wind turbines. Take control of your electricity usage today.

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Industrial Ecology LLC, based in Somerset, New Jersey, has helped clients throughout the New York City Metro Area and nationwide to make the transition to energy-efficient products. We sell LED lighting, traditional lighting, and eco-friendly supplies. Our initial products were low mercury ALTO lamps and compact fluorescent lamps. We now offer the entire lighting product spectrum from ballasts and fixtures to poles and occupancy sensors.

Our founder, Mr. Walitsky, spent over 45 years in the lighting He served as Manager of Environmental Affairs, responsible for environmental compliance at all Philips® and Westinghouse® Lamp Division lighting facilities in North America. He has presented speeches to the  NAFTA region  concerning mercury reduction with the ALTO lamp, energy-efficiency, and increasing service life.

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